Rose Community Pledges

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Rose Community pledges

The Rose Community is all about kindness and good deeds.  Small acts, either individually or as a group, that when done by all our members mean big differences to people’s lives.  Many of you will already do a lot of these but take a look and if there’s one you’d like to commit to, click on it to see more details and useful tips for how you can go about doing the same.   We’ve grouped the pledges into sections so you can focus on a particular area at a time.  When you decide to do one, please share it on your social media and tag us in so we can see the wonderful things you are doing!

Random acts of kindness

Small acts of kindness in your community make huge differences to people!  It can be as easy as saying hi to your neighbour, a couple of tins in your shop or picking up a bit of litter!  Take a look. 

Green Up Your Wardrobe

Greening up your wardrobe is such an easy thing to do and benefits you, your bank balance, other people and the environment!

Green Up Your Patch

These pledges benefit your health, your food table, your purse and the environment plus they’re nice mindful ways to spend some spare time.. what’s not to love?

Kindness lives on

When you lose a loved one, sometimes it helps their legacy to live on by helping other people. 

Join forces with us!

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