Interviews #RoseCommunityHour

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#RoseCommunityHour interviews

Thanks to one of our wonderful members, Patricia, #RoseCommunityHour was born.  Every Friday night at 8pm we hold a Twitter interview with a wonderful community group/charity that allows us to find out more about what they do and how people can get involved.  All of our members get involved and ask questions.. quite frankly, it’s brilliant and we love it! 

If you have a group you’d like to see on #RoseCommunity Hour,  let us know!

Week 1 – Affordable Food Stoke

A wonderful shop, serving their community in Stoke-on-Trent, feeding families for less, reducing food waste and helping everyone to save money.

Week 2 – Sharewear Clothing Scheme

Sharewear has been serving communities for 6 years, providing free clothes, footwear and bedding to people who are socially vulnerable or in any kind of economic  crisis.

Join us!

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