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Affordable Food Stoke

A wonderful shop, serving their community in Stoke-on-Trent, wants to feed families for less, reduce food waste and help everyone to save money.  That would seem to be an impossible task – but Affordable Food Stoke have proved it’s simply difficult!

Lots of hard work and piles of commitment to their community, over the last 2 years, has made these goals reality.  Nikki and Duane were empowered to provide this service when they realised just how much food is being wasted – locally and nationally.  They were determined to reroute that waste to the people who need it!

Feeding yourself, and you family, is a right, they believe.  They don’t want people to have to use food banks to feed their family, but be able to shop with dignity, like anyone else. 

There are no restrictions on who may use their service, which is based in Blurton.  Local people, people who travel to get there, couples, families, singletons, housed or not – everyone is welcome to come to the shop and buy their groceries at a much more reasonable cost.

Often, there is plenty in the Free Aisle, too.  Local supermarkets donate food which goes in this section.  The goods in this aisle are collected each day – often bread, fruit and veg – people just take what they need.

Affordable Food Stoke would love to have more suppliers, so that they could serve even more customers.

Their customers feel more like friends.  It’s no surprise, though… recently, they had a free turkey and stuffing bap with a cuppa, for anyone who wanted one. At Christmas, they laid on a three course Christmas meal for anyone who was alone.  No wonder people feel the love and community in this service!

‘Community’ is not just a buzz word to these wonderful people, either.  They describe it as ‘…all of us stepping up and making a difference in any way we can, no matter how small’.  And they do!  They totally put the ‘unity’ in ‘community’!  Not only are they serving the people of their community with their shop, they have collections for other local good causes.

At the moment, Affordable Food Stoke – who, in the last year, have won 2 small business awards, a Stoke-on-Trent ‘Our Heroes’ award, a Chamber of Commerce Environmental award and have been voted one of the top 100 ‘Most Influential and Motivational People in Staffordshire – have only one shop, run by Nikki.  There are tentative plans to expand to other areas, although nothing solid is under way, yet.

However, if you feel this is a service you could see benefitting your community, Affordable Food Stoke have offered to share their experience and give any advice they can, to help people replicate the initiative.

Contact Affordable Food Stoke

If you are interested in shopping at Affordable Food Stoke, you’d like to support them in the wonderful work they do, or you’d love to learn from them about how they operate, please get in touch with them by the details below. 

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77-81 Meaford Drive, Stoke-on-Trent ST3 2BB

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The Rose Community Group would like to thank Affordable Food Stoke for spending time with us to chat about their wonderful shop.

Thank yous are also due to: @dianne151052; @WindyJonC; @foodbankmum; @Claire03876653.

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