About Us

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About Us

We’re a large group of people, from different walks of life, different experiences and life skills, so worried about the impact of austerity, cuts and government policies on people’s lives and our communities.

We started talking and discovered that we all had a desire to help people and a determination to ensure people have equal chances and opportunities.

We’re one big group, sharing ideas and enthusiasm, the Rose Community Group.


Firmly grounded in community, we are building a national framework of help.  Linking into local groups to deliver that help, we will support, gather resources and draw in volunteers from all over the country.

Where services are missing, we will use our connections from other areas and mobilise communities to create those services.

We believe in Kindness

Kindness to people: creating food banks, clothes banks, sharing centres, training hubs,
opportunity shacks.

Kindness to our localities: litter picks, events, Guerrilla gardening, bringing together people who want to make their town a nicer place to live in.

Kindness to the planet: creating bee colonies around the country, addressing climate concerns, helping people create sustainable economies.

None of this is new or hard, it’s just kindness.  Just like we learned when we were little.

Play nicely.  Share.  Help someone up when they fall over.

Meet our awesome team


Heather has become frustrated at the defunding of education and the vulnerable position many families find themselves in, due to the current economic climate.

She believes that all people have a right to a happy life and a safe, properly funded, neighbourhood.

She’s excited to be part of The Rose Community Group, working with others to support communities around the country.


Lynette works in adult social care and has seen the knock-on effects of underfunding in social care and the NHS, not to mention ever shrinking budgets for schools and inadequate support to our most vulnerable in society.

It’s important to Lynette that all people have the same opportunities for a good life, to feel safe and secure and that they are valued members of society so is very excited to be part of the Rose Community Group.


Jon is ex-military and now works offshore in the renewable energy industry.  He has seen the issues that successive governments budget cuts have had on all walks of life, housing, people’s income, the health service and the environment.

He wants to be able to help those who need assistance and to bring communities back together. He realises that politicians won’t help, and he is delighted to be part of The Rose Community Group to have a chance to help others.

Join forces with us!

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